Process Plant Commissioning

Our Principal Consultant, Seán Moran is an experienced process commissioning engineer and process trouble-shooter, and has commissioned several sewage treatment plants, sludge thickening systems (DAF and centrifuge), three industrial effluent treatment systems (two of which were for cyanide containing wastewaters), many groundwater treatment systems, a tertiary treatment reed bed, and anaerobic digesters at pilot and full scale.  

He has carried out troubleshooting and remediation of problems with twenty packaged effluent treatment plants produced by various manufacturers, and carried out pilot trials on DAF, RO, UF, and advanced oxidation systems using UV.

He is familiar with commissioning of all types of Pumps and associated controls, Oil/ Water Separators, Sand and Multi-media Filters, Granular Activated Carbon Filters, Polymer makeup plant, Chemical Dosing Systems, Backwash settlement systems, Sludge thickening plant, Ultrafiltration plant, and so on.

He is an expert on process troubleshooting, and has a number of water and effluent treatment facilities under his supervision from a technical assistance standpoint.

Sean has never been faced with a problem for which he could not find a technical solution, despite often having been preceded to site by many other supposed trouble-shooters. If you have a problem which has resisted all attempts to fix it, we'd love to hear from you. There's nothing Sean likes better than a challenge.

We also provide bespoke training in process plant commissioning and have delivered courses both in the UK and the Middle East.