Package Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plants: Problems with Specification, Design, Installation, Commissioning and Troubleshooting


Our principal consultant, Seán Moran is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with many years of experience as a process trouble-shooter, and has substantial experience of resolving problems with packaged sewage treatment plants from single dwelling to a few hundred population equivalent sizes. These have mainly been submerged aerated filter systems, or sequencing batch reactors, although Seán is familiar with all sewage and water treatment technologies.

Sean has never been faced with a problem for which he could not find a technical solution, despite often having been preceded to site by many other supposed trouble-shooters. If you have a problem which has resisted all attempts to fix it, we'd love to hear from you. There's nothing Sean likes better than a challenge.

Whilst Seán has been able to advise clients on how to solve their process problems in all cases, it would have been much cheaper for these clients if they had engaged a professional engineer sooner, rather than later.