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Seán Moran has written two books for the IChemE, as follows:

An Applied Guide to Process and Plant Design

Plant Layout


Seán Moran has written a number of articles for "The Chemical Engineer" and "Chemical Engineering" magazines, as follows:

Experience: The Father of Wisdom : The Chemical Engineer

When Models Fail : The Chemical Engineer

Competitive Pricing of Process Plants : Chemical Engineering

Book Reviews

Seán Moran has written a number of book reviews for The Chemical Engineer magazine. These are as follows:

Albright's Chemical Engineering Handbook by Lyle Albright

Air Quality in Urban Environments: 28 (Issues in Environmental Science and Technology) by R.E. Hester & R.A.Harrison (eds.)

Chemical Process Equipment: Selection and Design by James R. Couper, W. Roy Penney, James R. Fair

Chemical Safety of Drinking Water: Assessing Priorities For Risk Assessment: Assessing Priorities for Risk Management by Terrence Thompson et al.

Green Marketing Strategies by Amitabha Ghose

Elements of Environmental Chemistry by Ronald A. Hites

Rules of Thumb in Engineering Practice by Donald R. Woods

Hazardous Chemicals: Control and Regulation in the European Market by Herbert F. Bender and Philipp Eisenbarth

Principles of Chemical Separations with Environmental Applications by Richard D. Noble and Patricia A. Terry

Water Treatment Principles and Design by James M. Montgomery Consulting Engineers Inc.

Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment by Stephenson, Judd, Jefferson and Brindle

The Chemical Engineer Magazine also reviewed Sean's book:

An Applied Guide to Process and Plant Design by Sean Moran

Literature Review: PCBs in Oily Wastewaters

We have produced a review of the literature on treatment of PCB containing waste waters which you can see here.

Design Manual Water Features

We produced a design manual for a leading water feature designer. You can see a cut-down version of this publication here

Package Effluent Treatment Plant Problems

After visiting many package sewage treatment plants with similar problems, Seán has written this article on the specification of such plants to avoid problems down the line.