Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant Design

A dedicated pH controller, with its associated acid and alkali pumps, and storage IBCs being commissioned

Chemical Dosing Package, Dartford, Kent: Part of an Expertise Limited designed and built plant upgrade

Our principal consultant, Seán Moran has designed many Water and Effluent treatment plants, in a number of industrial sectors. He has a detailed knowledge of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical industry effluents, but has experience in all sectors including oil and gas, food and drink, bulk chemicals, container washing plant, solvent production, engineering facilities, breweries and distilleries, paper and glass veil manufacture, electronics, and so on.

He spent a number of years working for some of the best regarded contractors in the UK water industry, before starting in private practice in 1996. Most of the work he carried out prior to starting in private practice was within the municipal sector, but since 1996, most of his experience has been in the private sector.

Seán is experienced in the process and hydraulic design of all stages of Industrial Effluent Treatment. He has acted as a design consultant in this regard to a large number of other well known companies.

He is also an experienced process commissioning engineer and process trouble-shooter, and has commissioned many sewage treatment plants, sludge treatment plants, groundwater treatment systems, and industrial effluent treatment plants.  

He has given courses in the UK, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Singapore and Malaysia on the design, operation and troubleshooting of industrial water and wastewater treatment plants.