Water Engineer Expert Witness

Sean Moran has acted as an expert witness in the field of water engineering, based in his twenty seven years of experience as a chartered engineer designing, operating and troubleshooting water treatment plants.

He has provided expert witness services, advice and support to legal practices with respect to contractual disputes in water treatment plant design, construction, commissioning and operation, including the production of short advisory reports and formal reports to the court fully compliant with Part 35 of civil procedure rules. 

He can often produce short, accurate reports quickly (less than a week, depending on workload) 

He has been accepted by the UK courts as an expert in all aspects of water treatment. He has been trained in Part 35 report writing, cross-examination, and conducting meetings with other experts. He has produced many such reports, as well as having presented his evidence in court.

Examples of Expert Witness work Sean has undertaken include:

Expert Witness in commercial dispute to do with produced water treatment (Production of Advisory Reports) 

Expert Witness offering a second opinion on the basis of fresh evidence and detailed calculations in response to a Single Joint Expert report in a dispute about the cause of flooding problems due to drain surcharging (Production of Advisory and CPR Part 35 Compliant reports, Meeting of Experts, Presentation of Evidence in Court)

Expert Witness for the defence in the case of a prosecution under the Water Industry Act (Production of Advisory Report, Presentation of Evidence in Court) 

A more detailed account of Sean's expert witness experience can be seen on his CV here.