Engineering Services

Sean Moran is a Chartered Engineer with more than thirty years' experience in process design, commissioning and troubleshooting

He started his career with the international process engineering contractors Purac (now Doosan Enpure) and VA Tech WABAG, and has worked on projects across the UK in both water and pharmaceutical industries

His specialist area is the treatment of both clean water and effluent and he has designed, commissioned and tendered for a vast range of projects, from individual residential plants and specialist industrial water and wastewater treatment units through to large municipal water treatment projects across the UK, Europe and the Middle East

Key Areas of Expertise

Design, procurement and commissioning of water treatment plant, hydraulic design and commissioning consultancy for municipal water treatment works and international water treatment projects

Troubleshooting, remedial design and re-commissioning of water, sewage and effluent treatment plant for municipal and private clients, at all scales of operation

More details on his CV here