Emergency Callout

Sean Moran is a highly experienced process commissioning engineer and process trouble-shooter, familiar with all sorts of Biological, Chemical and Physical water treatment plant, including all pumps and associated controls, Oil/ Water Separators, Sand and Multi-media Filters, Granular Activated Carbon Filters, Polymer makeup plant, Chemical Dosing Systems, Backwash settlement systems, Sludge thickening plant, etc.

He is an expert on process troubleshooting, and has a number of water, groundwater and effluent treatment facilities under his supervision from a technical assistance standpoint.

Sean has never been faced with a problem for which he could not find a technical solution, despite often having been preceded to site by many other supposed trouble-shooters. If you have a problem which has resisted all attempts to fix it, we'd love to hear from you. There's nothing Sean likes better than a challenge.

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