Example Unit Operations

Below are some examples of Unit Operations designed by Expertise Limited.

Standard proven designs are available for the following items. Standard design programmes have been produced and proven to allow any other sizes to be produced rapidly. Construction drawings are available on a license per unit basis for standard designs.

API421 plate separators
A design already trialled on five sites across the country. Design allows for fitting of coalescing and absorbent media, giving <5ppm TPH at outlet. Each 20' unit treats up to 40m3/h.

Picture of API 421 Oil Water Separator for Water and Effluent Treatment designed by Expertise Limited. Parallel corrugated plates to API421. Coalescing media. Absorbent media. Oil removal down to 5ppm.

Sand and Multimedia Filters: Standard designs in increments of 5m3/h to 50m3/h.

Granular Activated Carbon Filters: Including units for in-situ regeneration. 10-50m3/h unit design available.

Picture of Sand and GAC filter skid designed by Expertise Limited . Features in situ regeneration of GAC.